Mission Statement

The mission of HEALTHY FITNESS 4 LIFE is...

  • To help address the overweight and obesity issues in Memphis and surrounding areas, as well as provide safe, healthy alternatives for those seeking to become more fit and live healthier lifestyles.
  • To motivate and empower clients to set realistic, attainable and measurable goals and to believe in their ability to achieve such goals.
  • To educate clients on health and wellness, nutrition, injury prevention, life longevity and functional and athletic performance by means of my education, experience and use of the most up-to-date and/or scientifically proven research available in an effort to help them make healthy, sustainable lifestyle changes.
  • To provide a safe, clean and professional environment in which to nurture and train clients.
  • To offer unmatched one-on-one personal training using unique, well-designed programs tailored to address client-specific goals.
  • To continue as a student in the field of health and fitness via continuing education courses and relentless research, having an unwavering desire to learn and be taught.

Vision Statement

HEALTHY FITNESS 4 LIFE will be recognized and respected for its knowledge and expertise in the area of health and fitness and be regarded as the organization of choice for all health and fitness needs.