Brittany Dye's Weight Loss Testimony

I’ve struggled with my weight all of my life. I went from being a chubby kid, to an overweight teenager, to a morbidly obese adult. I wasn't just packing 40 or 50 extra pounds — I was anywhere between 70 and 110 pounds overweight, which is morbidly obese and clearly a health risk. In 2005, I decided to take control of my life in a big way. I lost over 90 pounds. My life had begun to change drastically emotionally, physically, and mentally. I was in the best shape of my life, I was in nursing school, and life was GREAT. 

In 2009, I found out I was pregnant with my first child. I was super excited, but oh how my body took a major change. I gained approximately 70-80 pounds during my pregnancy. After the birth of my son I lost about 40 pounds. What was a girl to do? No one had prepared me for the life of a mother. Being a new mother and a new nurse! Working out and eating right…..Really?? I was trying to get sleep! As an overweight nurse and mother, I couldn’t talk to patients about weightloss and teach my son good habits. I was not a good example. 

I decided in March 2014, it was time to take back my life and get the weight off with a lifestyle change. I knew I could eat right, but WORKING OUT……REALLY!! I knew I needed to be held accountable, so I started out on my search for a personal trainer.

After a few weeks of searching I was introduced to Timothy Williams. I met with him the next week. I was so pleased with his encouraging and positive spirit. I knew he was the trainer for me. We focused on setting goals and using a journal to keep myself accountable. My schedule consisted of three 30 minute sessions each week. Before I knew it a month had past. I started to see my body change and my clothes fit differently. The first month I lost 8 pounds. I was so pleased with my results. 

Five months in and I am 41 pounds down. I have hit many plateaus and have fallen short several days with bad eating habits, but I realized that it’s not the fall that matters it’s the getting back on track and working even harder that counts. Timothy has never lead me wrong, he continues to hold me accountable, dedicated, committed, and challenge me with every workout. He has taught me to love myself again. I still have 24 pounds to go and please believe Timothy is continuing to push me to new heights that I never thought I could ever achieve. My body has changed drastically over the last few months and I look forward to the journey ahead. Timothy has truly been a blessing in my life.