Jessica Kyle’s Weight Loss Journey

           People often ask me where I found the motivation along this journey, especially after battling obesity all my life. My response is simple: “My Mind Is Made Up”. I want to live and accomplish all that God has created me to fulfill. I am therefore determined to do just that by any and all means necessary. Aside from exercising daily, one must realize that until “your mind” is made up this journey is a dead-end. I say that because “you” are your biggest “road-block”. You have to be able to look in the mirror and be honest with "You'. Daily it’s a fight to make positive choices in eating the right things - “Needs vs. Wants”. You want those familiar “comfort” foods but your body needs those vital nutrients that will enable your body to perform at its best. Most diets fail simply because the mind wants an easy quick fix allowing one to hold onto old habits while trying to incorporate new principles; this will not work!

           Before getting to the point of being absolutely fed up, I tried several diets and gym workout programs with no success because I was not ready to commit 100%. I use to tell myself that I ate the quick foods because the healthy foods were too expensive. I didn’t exercise because in my mind I just didn’t have the time. Then one day I asked myself two life-changing questions: “Can you put a price on your own life?” “How long are you going to blame everybody/everything for your unhappiness?” It’s my life and I had to take charge and be the change I wanted to see. It was on that day that I realized that I was standing in my own way. I made the choice to step aside from myself and do whatever it took to live. That day, which I’ve named “The Rebirth,” was February 4, 2011. On that day, I decided to love Jessica enough to live…

           All my life I’d been told how much of a blessing I was to others (the encourager), how smart I was (the A+ student), how pretty I was (inside/out), and how much of a good friend I was (dependable), but even after all that was said and done I was still incomplete. At night facing myself in the mirror, smile wiped away, warm tears would roll down my cheeks. Doing for others is simply a part of my character, being smart simply to advance myself making my parents proud, being beautiful simply a reflection of My Creator, and lastly a good friend – well, that too is just my nature. So what was it? Here it was a little over four months before I turned 25 and I’d never been in a long-term relationship because I didn’t trust anyone to love me for me because I loved the me others wanted me to be. So, who was Jessica? I was a prisoner in my own mind.

           My mind raced all day with questions: Will I be this size forever? What’s my calling? Questions I simply didn’t have the answers to, but I knew that I would battle with myself day and night if that’s what it took to manifest this lifestyle change. I prayed while sitting in my cubical at work and I remember the prayer specifically: “Lord, I know what You have for me is for me. I also know that I have abused my body for far too long. I humbly ask for the opportunity to change my life around both physically and spiritually. No longer will I hide behind myself, but I will stand as a living testimony before the world as the woman of God you created. I love You Lord with all my heart & soul, but I desire to love you with my mind & body offering them both as sacrifices this day in Jesus name Amen.”

           Later that day, I had a scheduled consultation to meet with a trainer by the name of Timothy Williams (whose brochure I had for well over a year). I was totally nervous as I pulled up to his studio. As I stepped inside, there he stood smiling amidst all this big metal equipment. "Hello, come on in and have a seat." I remember thinking "Oh my Lord, what have I gotten myself into”! Tim asked me what my goal weight was and I didn't have one because I'd never been at a "happy weight". He then stated, "Let's get your measurements and weigh you." Those words "weigh you" frightened me to the core. I stepped on the scale and he stated “5'3", 310.4lbs. Hmm! Well, take a good look at that number because it's the last time you'll ever see those numbers on the scale in relation to you." I held back my tears and allowed them to fuel a short-term goal of 25lbs by my 25th birthday , which was on 5-23-11. Tim smiled and said "Well I know we can shatter that goal without a problem, so let's get started!" It was at that moment, I deemed Tim my life coach and the journey began.

           I started my first day of training February 8, 2011 and my body was so sore! I mean seriously, if you name it we did it! I remember Tim saying, "This is going to be a long challenging journey but we can do it if you put your mind to it; you just handle the eating part with my nutritional guidance and I'll handle the workouts." I knew deep down in my heart that I was at the "right place" at the "right time" and by faith I knew God had my back. After all, God believed in me so much that he sent me an angel to assist in the promise I made to Him via my prayer request as previously mentioned. I trained 5 days/week for 1 hour both in February and March. I admit I wasn't as committed to changing my eating habits in the beginning. I literally wanted to "have my cake and eat it too." I'd gotten to a point where I would run from pictures. I was literally disgusted and officially at my "breaking point". I was "tired" of carrying around the burden of being overweight. Tired of saying "That's a cute dress I wish they had it in my size.” One day I stopped myself mid-sentence and said, "Well, Jessica what is your size? How long are you going to blame others when you're the one eating whatever you want? If you want that dress then do whatever it takes to get in it.” Over the next few weeks, I gave it my all and at my weigh-in April 16, 2011 I was down to 279lbs - that's a total of 31.4lbs in 2.5 months!

           My trainer informed me of a competition he was hosting as a weight loss incentive - The Healthy Fitness 4 Life Biggest Loser Competition. It was a three month challenge with monthly weighs to monitor progress. There were 14 people signed up for the challenge and so the competition began. The workout routines changed drastically. When I asked Tim why, he stated "You've graduated to a new level!" We decided to establish a new weight-loss goal of 50lbs and we hit it June 1, 2011 which placed me at 260lbs. Tim published a newsletter about me June 26, 2011 and that's when it all started to feel real. June was nicknamed "Shake & Bake" and we were outdoors 99.9% of the time. With a 20lbs vest and weights in hand, we jogged, ran, shuffled, sprinted, lunged and pressed through the neighborhood. I just knew in my mind that I would pass out at any moment, but Tim would not let me quit. He consistently reminded me of how far I'd come in only four months. Those positive nuggets motivated me to wipe the tears from my eyes and at that moment I realized that this journey was bigger than me. At this point in the journey, I had people watching and depending on me as an example. Thus, I had to press forward.

           During the three month competition, I loss 33.8lbs, which represented 12.98% of my starting weight for the competition. This placed my total weight loss at 83.8lbs in under six months. All I could say was "Thank You Jesus"! I was declared the winner of the Biggest Loser Competition and was so proud! Immediately following, I hit a plateau and got a little discouraged because I felt like my body had turned on me. Tim would not let me beat myself up. I remember him saying "Look how far you've come! On average, some are lucky to lose the weight you've lost in a year's time and you've done it in six months. We will get past this trust me." My body was soon introduced to the hills of Shelby Farms and little did I know that this would be my workout terrain for the next month. My trainer is a totally different person outside in nature, which is why I nicknamed him “Omega Beast.” These workouts would have me sore for 3-4 days, but it was truly pain with a purpose as the results spoke for themselves. I appreciate the extra pushes Tim gave while in the trenches because the work that I've put in thus far shows without a doubt. My eyes are currently fixed on 2-8-11 (1 year training mark) and my goal weight is 170lbs, which will put me down 140lbs loss in 1 year!

           The journey is not over and yes throughout it I have endlessly prayed, trusted, and kept the faith in God like never before. I've transformed both internally and externally and I'm no longer afraid to show "my scars" as my imperfections make me who I Am. I'm often asked how I keep sane along this journey and my response is simple: "I exercise my body daily to stay in good physical health while also exercising my faith daily to stay in good spiritual health." I currently weigh 204.2lbs (106.2lbs smaller!) and am in a size 10/12 and dropping. I'm loving and embracing my curves with sheer joy. My family and friends are eager to join the journey now that they see the results of hard work. I thank God for "The Vision" He's given me as I have a new passion for helping others get healthy, and I plan on certifying as a Personal Trainer under Tim’s guidance once down to my goal weight and comfortable with maintenance. I feel my future clients will be able to relate to me on a personal level because I've truly been where they are and I know the excuses because I've used them all before. I'm loving me and living life through a new set of eyes which smiles at error (I'm human), laughs at failed attempts, utilizes the negative to fuel me positively with the endurance to overcome and by faith I'll not only make it to my purposed destiny but once there I'll thrive successfully because I was “Born To Win.” Stay Tuned!

Jessica in February 2011

Jessica in November 2011

Jessica in November 2011