Monica's Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle

I’m a mother of four, a wife, with a full time job. I have so much going on that stress tends to play a part of my life. My stress reliever has been to eat more and, of course, eat more of my favorite (ice cream) nightly. I’ve always went on my quick diet fixes from time to time, joined gyms, and even went to a neighborhood drill sergeant boot camp. In total, I may have lost a few pounds here and there but nothing major and never with consistency. 

Over the past two years, I’ve gained wait drastically. I became very self-conscious of my weight, so I always tried to hide it by layering my clothing and wearing jackets. I was fed up! I knew I needed a personal trainer because doing it on my own wasn’t working, but I didn’t know of anyone affordable. One day, I was working in my friend’s boutique and met a young lady who was, at the time, training with Tim. She was proud of the progress she had accomplished with her weight loss. She even showed me her before and after photos. As she was talking, I was like, “wow! This is who I need to go see.” So I took down Tim’s information and held on to it because I knew that’s what I needed.  

You never really hear too many people talking about going to a trainer because they feel it’s a waste of money, but I knew that it was exactly what I needed. Eventually, I called and attended one of his Saturday boot camps. Okay, it was a lot of work. I was drained. I never imagined how much my body could work in an hour. You do so many different circuits. Of course, my body wasn’t use to it. It reminded me of Celebrity fit club lol. After this experience, I knew he was serious about fitness. I attended a few more over a period, but again, I let life get in my way again and stopped. In the process, Tim would periodically check up on me, which made me feel he was doing this because it’s what he loves to do regardless if you were a regular or not. 

I went to the doctor to get a physical in January 2012. I was very surprised of the results. I weighed 197lbs; I was like, “OMG!” This is more than I had gained in either of my pregnancies. The doctor stated that I needed to incorporate exercise in my routine and diet. She also stated that I was borderline diabetic, and if I continued on this track, I would be taking insulin shots. This news was devastating to me because I’ve never struggled with my eating to the point where not only I was overweight, but it affected my health. Of course, I moped about the situation over the weekend. I prayed and my family/friends gave me encouragement. I said to myself that I would not let this defeat me. I then decided to call Tim. 

I let Tim know the situation and how I wanted to do something about it, so he encouraged me to come to his boot camp again. My cousin also attended with me for support. It was more intense because now I was carrying more body weight. However, due to my work schedule, it was hard for me to make the Saturday sessions. I then decided to join a gym for the third time, but that wasn’t going well either, as I did not know how to properly use the machines or which machines I needed to use in order to target my problem areas.   

In February 2012, I was fed up with the weight, and I wasn’t seeing any results. I decided to take on Tim’s one-on-one sessions to get more knowledge on my eating habits and work out regiments because I needed that extra push. I started with Tim on February 28, 2012. My weight at that time was 192 pounds. I didn’t know what to expect. He put me thru a complete fitness test to test my endurance, and when I say I was out of shape, I was “out of shape.” Tim set up a regiment for my journey, and I started one-hour sessions, two days a week for the next two months. I really got a chance to work all my body muscles, doing exercises that I’ve always struggled to do or maybe just didn’t want to do lol. 

He also encouraged me to eat healthier and worked out a weekly menu guide to also help with my healthier lifestyle. Throughout this progress, he would check on me to see how I was eating and at home workouts (He encourages you to still be active during your unscheduled time), which means a lot to me because; again, I need someone to push and remind me what my goals are. 

It’s now April, and it’s time for my first weigh in. I’m down 12 pounds, weighing 180 pounds. I’m ecstatic! I had never seen results like this in my previous weight loss attempts. My husband and kids are now on board, and they see the change in my healthier lifestyle because now I’m incorporating more in the household, as Tim helped me with healthier substitutes for snacks for my family and me. I continued with my training; however, my busy schedule caused me to change to 30-minute sessions, but I refuse to give up. Once I set my mind to this lifestyle change, I knew I couldn’t stop. At first, I’ll admit I thought, “What can I accomplish in 30 minutes?” But, oh boy, when I tell you, Tim will use every minute and every single second. Time goes by fast, but you will do so much that it almost seems impossible. He’s not a drill sergeant, but he will push you with encouragement and motivation that by the time the alarms beep, believe me when I say, you will be proud of what you’ve just accomplished and you will also fill it lol. 

Now it’s June 2012. It’s my second weigh in, and I’m down 9 more pounds, now weighing 171 pounds (see my before and after photo below). My "Operation get it off" is becoming a reality. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished, especially now since my family are on board with working out with me as well. I also learned to use my tools of exercise to help relieve my stress. If you have reservations about seeing a trainer or maybe you feel you don’t have the time to spare, Tim is someone who will encourage and motivate you to get to your ideal weight and will also work with your schedule. I’m still currently seeing Tim for my weekly sessions, and now one of my sons has started coming to build his endurance up for school sports.

Thanks for everything Tim! 

Monica D.