This is My Story - by Pat Taylor

Before I started training with Tim, I was training with another fitness coach. I often went to him 3 days during the week for an hour, and 2 hours on Saturday’s. In spite of this, I did not lose very much weight, and I did not feel I was accomplishing very much. When I meet Tim, he invited me to attend his Saturday morning boot camp at Bert Ferguson Park. I thought, sure………..I've attended many boot camps, and they were all about the same too me. I felt like, I was a “champ “at working out. So, I attended Tim’s camp, and OMG! I thought I was at Alcatraz detention facility. I felt like Redd Foxx on Sanford and Son “Elizabeth….. I’m coming to join you, this is the big one “heart attack”. During camp, Tim would occasionally check on me and ask if I was okay. I was struggling and soon realized Tim’s boot camp class was not the normal boot camp class I've been attending. I was in bed the entire day with ice & heat packs. That afternoon, I received a text from Tim asking how I enjoyed camp. I replied “your camp is extremely intense”, but I enjoyed it.

I was trying to achieve a goal by my 50th birthday, March 1, therefore, I contacted Tim. He asked me to come by the studio so we can discuss my overall goals & objectives. So, I did. First, he weighed and measured, then, we discussed my sessions/time. He suggested, 30 minutes, 2 or 3 times a week. I have to admit, I became skeptical about personal training with Tim. I didn't feel I could get an effective workout in 30 minutes. I had trained an hour with my previous trainer. I addressed my concern with Tim; he assured me I will truly get an effective 30 minutes work-out. So, I committed to two times a week for 30 minutes.

The torture began July 29, 2013.I entered the studio; Tim said “Good morning, Pat! Are you ready? I was so ready; at least, that’s what I thought. Tim said, first, I want you to do 100 steps on Jacobs Ladder, then, 25 Kettle Bell Swing, then, 20 Squat Ball Toss. Repeat the same exercise 3 times in the exact order, and you have 30 minutes to complete the regiment. I said, No Problem! After 15 minutes, I start silently singing Smoky Norful’s song “Lord, I Need You Now”. After I completed round one, I asked Tim, can I take a water break. He said, sure…………. after you finish working out. I thought to myself, this guy must have been in the military, and gotten a dishonorable discharge, because he’s truly INSANE. From that day forward, I never questioned Tim’s 30 minutes sessions. Tim uses every minute and second on the clock.

July 31, 2013, my husband and I went to visit our daughter in Houston, TX. One afternoon, we were having dinner; I received a text from Tim. He said, “Hi Pat! While you’re on vacation I have an assignment for you. Grab a jump rope and try 8 to 10 rounds in which you jump for 40 seconds, and then rest for 20 seconds. The workout will only take 10 minutes.” I actually, lost my appetite thinking about the assignment Tim had texted me while on vacation.The next morning, I went to the hotel fitness center and worked out for 45 minutes while my hubby went to indulge in a hefty breakfast. Tim is the kind of trainer that makes you feel like you’re his only client; he’s very attentive to his clients. Even when you don’t want him to be; like, when you’re on vacation sipping on a glass of wine.

When we returned home, my husband wanted to check out Alcatraz Fit Camp. I forewarned him that Tim is not your average trainer. He’s truly set apart from any trainer in The Mid South. My husband attended camp with me, and he was executed at Alcatraz Camp. Tim had a suicide regiment plan that weekend. My husband couldn't mow the lawn or wash our vehicles that afternoon. He started to sing Smokie Norful’s song “Lord I Need You Now, Right Now!” But, he has been faithfully attending camp ever since that day.

Unfortunately, I had an injury on August 26, 2013. My doctors ordered physical therapy and no other form of physical activity. Tim would often text me and asks how therapy was. My spirit was a little down because I had set out to reach a goal by my 50 birthday, and this was causing me a setback.

Now, its September 16, 2013, I’ve been released from my doctor, and I’m thirsty for Jacobs Ladder and The Rowing Machine. My first day back in the studio was a moderate; but an excellent workout. Tim took into consideration my condition and made sure I got a challenging workout, but nothing that will have me sidelined, again. The month of November, I dropped one size; I went from a size 12 to a size 10. I’ve strictly eliminated carbonated drinks, processed food, starchy food, fried food, fast food and junk food. I have four months to reach my goal; therefore, I decided to challenge myself starting January 1, 2014 to personal train with Tim three days a week and attend Saturday camp.

It’s now January 2014, my body has trimmed down, and I’m looking great and feeling BOLD. I was bold enough to text Tim and ask him to “TURN UP” my workout sessions. I needed to drop another size by my 50th birthday. Tim text me back; and said,” Your Wish Has Been Granted”. When I stepped into the studio, Tim looked different, almost psychotic. He had five different workout regiments for me to do, in 30 minutes. For the first time since I’ve been training with Tim, I got nervous. Tim said; you can do it “CHAMP!” He worked me so hard I was trembling and I wanted to cry.

On February 5, I went to the doctor to get my physical. My doctor asked me if I had a gastric bypass. I was SHOCKED! I told him I was taking a new medication named “Healthy Fitness 4 Life”, and the prescription was written by Timothy Williams. He told me I weighed 182 pounds last year, February 2013, and my blood count was extremely low. I weighed 175 pounds when I started training with Tim. My blood count was excellent, and my new weight is 148 pounds. I reached my goal before March 1. I’m now wearing a size 8 and some 6’s. I'm Fifty, Fit and Fly!!!

As of today, I’m still training with Tim 3 days a week and attending camp on Saturday’s. My husband has joined me for one on one training on Friday’s, and he attends Alcatraz Camp every Saturday. Health and Fitness is a serious part of our lives. I've recommended several friends and I'll continue to do so, but I tell them to have their mind right because Tim is extremely intense.

Tim’s professionalism and knowledge speak for itself. His calm mannerism and professional attitude make me feel comfortable. His dedication and drive is of the utmost standard. I never thought it was possible to achieve the success I have, and I owe it to Tim. I would highly recommend and strongly encourage Tim to anyone at any level who is looking to improve their body, lose weight, or achieve other personal goals.

Thanks, Tim! 

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